Friday, March 6, 2009


Tired of the same old Chocolate chip cookie? I just found a great website that has a ton of great cookie ideas. This got me thinking that I could just use my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ( here) and in place of (or to) the chocolate chips add:

*Raisinets (wouldn't this be good in an oatmeal cookie!)
*Reese's Pieces
*Butterscoth Chips
*Peanut Butter Chips
*White Chocolate chips
*Chocolate Chip cookie dough bites
* Nutter-Butter cookies, coarsely chopped(this would be good in addition to the chocolate chips)
* Oreo cookies coarsely chopped(same here, MMMmm chocolate covered oreos)
*Chocolate chips and Cherry flavored chips (chocolate covered cherries)
*mini milky way and musketeer candy bars, coarsely chopped
* Reeses PB Cups chopped
* Mini Marshmallows & Milk Chocolate Chips (s'mores anyone)
* Andes' Mints chopped

Are you getting the idea? Let your creative juices flow, and get baking!

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