Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Most mornings I wake up with the resolve that today is the day I'm going to stick to my diet. So I start out with a healthy bowl of oatmeal. I add some raisins and a little milk and take a bite. YUCK! So, I add a little sugar. . . . I still can't swallow it. . . . so I add a little more sugar. . . . pretty soon the diets out the door and I have 2 tbs of sugar on my oatmeal and I'm thinking "Why didn't I just have Lucky Charms?"
Well I recently found this recipe for a Sneaky Oatmeal mix. It makes 8 bowls of oatmeal and the whole thing calls for only 2 tbs of sugar. I hesitantly tried it thinking the whole time "This isn't enough sugar. . . .It's going to be gross!". One bite and I was hooked! Now I'm eating healthy. . . at least until those chocolate chip cookies come along, but I'll save that for another POST!
I double the mix and store it in an old empty oatmeal box.
(makes 8 servings)
4 C. Oatmeal
2 T. Powdered Milk (yes you read it right)
2 T. Sugar
Mix dry ingredients together and store covered in a cool, dry place.

Making Creamy Oatmeal from the Sneaky Oatmeal Mix
(Makes 1 serving)
1/2 C. Oatmeal Mix
1 C. Water
You can add a small handful of Raisins before you microwave (Optional)
Mix Oatmeal mix and raisins (or other dehydrated fruit) with water and microwave for 2 minutes. If you need to make more of this for a larger family, simply boil the water first in a pot on the stove and then stir in the oats and let sit for 1 minute.
To change it up, sometimes I'll substitute Orange Juice for the water and add Craisins instead of raisins.

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